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Isaak Cherdak

Isaak started working in the SSRC in the spring of 2016. Originally joining as an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, he continued as a Computer Engineering masters student in Fall 2017. He also interned at HPE-Nimble over summer 2018. Isaak is interested in a variety of low level system topics ranging from control theory and embedded systems to operating systems and storage systems. He is particularly interested in aspects such as modular design, scalability, reliability, and security. He has experience in a wide variety of different projects on all sides of the development spectrum from computer science to computer engineering to electrical engineering. Isaak previously worked with the SSRC for the development of Twizzler along with related Storage Class Memory research in minimizing bit flips. His masters was on an adaptive software method for decreasing bitflips in storage class memories: https://www.ssrc.ucsc.edu/pub/ABFPL.html. In addition, Isaak is currently working at at HPE as the lead nvdimm/nvram driver developer.

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