Picture of Sabrina Au

Office: E2-381, UCSC, 1156 High Street, SOE 3, Santa Cruz CA, 95064
scau «at» ucsc·edu

Sabrina Au

Sabrina is a third-year undergraduate student who joined SSRC/CRSS in Fall 2018. She is planning to rejoin the lab as a Masters Student under Professor Darrell Long in 2020.

Research Interests: Storage Systems, Security, Operating Systems

Current Project: To recover an encrypted password, one can either use brute force or a dictionary attack. The problem with these approaches is the heavy consumption of computer processing time. Rainbow tables provide a solution by making a trade-off for less processing time with more memory. Sabrina is currently working on reproducing and optimizing the reduction function and chain generation used in rainbow tables.


Last modified 22 May 2019