Picture of James Byron

Office: E2-383, MS SOE3
(831) 346-8693
jbyron «at» ucsc·edu

James Byron

Affiliation: I am a Ph.D. graduate student in the Storage Systems Research Center (SSRC).  I joined the SSRC in 2016.

Current Research: I am currently researching and modeling the cost, performorance, and future of archival storage.  I am exploring the comparative advantages of various storage drives and media, including factors such as their acquisition and maintenance costs, durability, performance, and the rate at which they may develop in the future.

Previous Research: My previous research project was to measure the effect of preserving and promoting diversity within a genetic algorithm.

Research Interests: Archival and Reliable Storage, Secure Storage, Big Data, Assistive Technology

Anticipated Graduation: 2021

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Last modified 28 Jun 2018