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Office: E2-383, MS SOE3
jbyron «at» ucsc·edu

James Byron

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Storage Systems Research Center (SSRC).  I joined the SSRC in 2016 with the goal of pursuing research in highly reliable, scable, efficient, and fast storage technologies.

The demand for data storage is constantly growing, and numerous technologies are available to store the increasingly important digital information that drives our economy, social communities, and personal connections. I am currently investigating the relationship between cost, performance, scalability, and reliability over time in archival storage systems. My research will describe how archival storage systems can be designed to maximize performance, reliability, or capacity while minimizing cost. My most recent work has described the total cost of ownership and performance of archival storage systems constructed with available storage technologies.

Previous Research: I have previously researched the power consumption of archival storage systems, SIMD optimization for sorting algorithms, performance in virtual machines, and diversity in genetic algorithms.

Research Interests: Archival and Reliable Storage, Secure Storage, Big Data, Assistive Technology

Anticipated Graduation: 2021

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Last modified 29 May 2019