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Office: E2-383
mbryson «at» ucsc·edu

Matt Bryson

Affliation: Ph.D. Graduate Student in the Storage Systems Research Center (SSRC)

Research Interests: Non-volatile storage systems, Non-volatile memory systems, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems

Current Work:

Matt Bryson is involved in several projects in the SSRC. He is working on Nomenclature, a reinvented file system for NVM that seperates naming from data placement. Additionally, he is working on a non-volatile memory-aware operating system (Twizzler) with Daniel Bittman under Ethan Miller. Additionally, he is developing a uniform trace analysis tool to provide 1-1 comparison with CERN and other system traces. 

Matthew Bryson is a PhD student who started at UC Santa Cruz in Fall 2016.

Full Site: https://users.soe.ucsc.edu/~mbryson/

Publications since 2017-10-23

Collaborators since 2017-10-23

Alvaro, Peter 08/28/2018   Link
Bittman, Daniel 08/28/2018   Link
Bryson, Matt 08/28/2018   Link
Cherdak, Isaak 12/5/2017   Link
Govindjee, Arjun 12/5/2017   Link
Gray, Mathew 08/28/2018   Link
Long, Darrell D. E. 08/28/2018   Link
Mehra, Pankaj 12/5/2017   Link
Miller, Ethan L. 08/28/2018   Link
Mukhopadhyay, Sinjoni 08/28/2018   Link
Ni, Yuanjiang 12/5/2017   Link
Raizes, Justin 08/28/2018   Link
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