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Jishen Zhao

Jishen Zhao is an associate professor in Computer Science & Engineering at UCSD. She joined UCSC faculty in January 2015 but moved south to UCSD in 2017 for the warmer weather. Her research falls primarily in the area of computer system and architecture, with an emphasis on memory and storage systems, high-performance computing, and energy efficiency. I am also interested in electronics design automation and VLSI design for three-dimensional integrated circuits and nonvolatile memories.

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Collaborators since 2019-01-28

Bittman, Daniel 10/14/2019   Link
Litz, Heiner 10/14/2019   Link
Miller, Ethan L. 10/14/2019   Link
Ni, Yuanjiang 10/14/2019   Link
Ogleari, Matheus 02/16/2019   Link
Qian, Chen 02/16/2019   Link
Yu, Ye 02/16/2019   Link
Zhao, Jishen 10/14/2019   Link
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