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Office: E2-383
dbittman «at» ucsc·edu

Daniel Bittman

Daniel is a graduate student in the SSRC. His interests are in kernel programming and design, security, non-volatile memory, and highly concurrent programming. His current project is on developing an operating system for non-volatile memories and developing operating system designs and interfaces for better programming and data models in such an environment.

Pursuing: PhD

Status: Preparing advancement

Start year: Fall 2016

End year: 2023

Prior Education:

B.S. Computer Science: UC Santa Cruz, completed June 2016 (senior thesis: Designing a Wait-free MPSC Queue)

B.S. Physics: UC Santa Cruz, completed June 2016 (senior thesis: Solving boundary value problems efficiently using computers)

Hobbies: Hiking, backpacking, guitarist, stage lighting


Publications since 2020-04-14

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