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Office: E2-383
agovindj «at» ucsc·edu

Arjun Govindjee

Arjun Govindjee joined the SSRC Winter Quarter of 2016. He is currently working under Anastasia McTaggart on Oblivious RAM and other projects with Dr. Darrell Long, Justin Raizes, Matthew Gray, and Yash Gupta

Publications since 2017-10-24

Collaborators since 2017-10-24

Bittman, Daniel 12/5/2017   Link
Bryson, Matt 12/5/2017   Link
Cherdak, Isaak 12/5/2017   Link
Govindjee, Arjun 12/5/2017   Link
Long, Darrell D. E. 12/5/2017   Link
Mehra, Pankaj 12/5/2017   Link
Miller, Ethan L. 12/5/2017   Link
Ni, Yuanjiang 12/5/2017   Link
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