Dan Feng

Dan Feng is the director of the Data Storage and Application Lab, in the School of Computer, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She has broad research interests in storage systems, such as in storage security, RAID, and SSD technologies.

Publications since 2019-12-10

Collaborators since 2019-12-10

Feng, Dan 04/22/2020   Link
Jin, Minpeng 04/22/2020   Link
Liu, Wenmao 04/22/2020   Link
Long, Darrell D. E. 04/22/2020   Link
Wu, Yafeng 12/17/2019   Link
Xie, Yulai 04/22/2020   Link
Xu, Gongming 04/22/2020   Link
Zou, Zhuping 04/22/2020   Link
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