Resilient Memory-Resident Data Objects

Appeared in Proceedings of the International Performance Conference on Computers and Communication.


Data replication has been widely used to build resilient data objects. These objects normally cansist of several replicas stored in stable storage and a replication control protocol managing these replicas. Replicated data objects incur a significant penalty resulting from the increased number of disk accesses. We investigate the ieasibility of replicated data objects consisting of several memory-resident replicas and one append-only log maintained on disk.

We analyze, under standard Markovian hypotheses, the availability of these data objects when combined with three of the most popular replication control protocols: available copy (AC), majority consensus voting (MCV) and dynamic-linear voting (DLV). We show that replicated objects consisting of n memory-resident replicas and a disk-resident log have almost the same availability as replicated objects having n disk-resident replicas.

Publication date:
March 1991

Jehan-François Pâris
Darrell D. E. Long

Reliable Storage

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