REINAS: A Real-time System for Managing Environmental Data

Appeared in Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, vol. 8, no. 1 .


Managing scientific data is a challenging task, and many of the problems it presents have yet to be adequately solved. The Real-time Environmental Information Network and Analysis System (REINAS) is an operational solution to the problem of collecting and distributing environmental data in a real-time context, as well as supporting data acquisition, retrieval, visualization and long-term data maintenance. The system is built around one or more databases and has been developed to support both real-time and retrospective regional scale environmental science. Continuous real-time data is acquired from dispersed sensors and input to a logically integrated but physically distributed system. The database engine provides a powerful structure to handle data management, but current database technology can have difficulty meeting the performance requirements that a large real-time environmental system demands. The REINAS architecture and current status is described in detail, including the challenges that were addressed in the construction of an operational system which includes a regional wireless instrumentation network comprised of over 200 instrument platforms and 1500 sensor streams producing real-time data of interest to thousands of users.

Publication date:
January 1998

Eric C. Rosen
Ted Haining
Darrell D. E. Long
Patrick Mantey

Real-time Systems

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