Picture of Sinjoni Mukhopadhyay

Office: E2-381
simukhop «at» ucsc·edu

Sinjoni Mukhopadhyay

Sinjoni joined the SSRC in Winter 2016. She is a third year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Research Interests- Archival Storage, Storage Security, Information retrieval, cloud storage architecture, data privacy in cloud and Cryptography 

Current Projects: To avoid the complexities of key management and constant updates due to encryption algorithm deprecation, authentication is preferred over encryption to securely store archival data. Secret-Splitting is a method that not only improves data reliability, but also reduces risks of insider threats. SSRC has had projects like POTSHARDS in the past that has been used to reconstruct a secret-split archival datastore. We are currently working on improved solutions for reconstruction of secret-split datastores. 

The Secret-Split Secure Hash Method - used to quickly reduce reconstruction space of secret-split datastore required to identify sibling shares.

Last modified 28 Nov 2017