SSRC Seminar: Alexandra Holloway

Alexandra Holloway will present: Designing for situation awareness and operator control with large data volumes in NASA's Deep Space Network Abstract: The Deep Space Network (DSN) provides continuous coverage, including data and control support, for most of the world's space missions. As spacecraft talk to the DSN antennas, on-site link control operators maneuver the high-performance equipment, monitor the thousands of signals, and troubleshoot anomalies. Currently, the practice is for an operator to support one or two links at a time. In this talk, we investigate what it would mean for an operator to monitor more than two simultaneous links while obtaining and maintaining a high level of situation awareness without increasing perceived workload. We present in-progress user-centered design for situation awareness, including goal-oriented task analysis techniques and results, and discuss current and upcoming evaluation methods with link control operators.

Monday, April 21, 2014 at 1:00 PM


CRSS Contact:
Hospodor, Andy

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