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Office: E2-381
yyang363 «at» ucsc·edu

Yiwei Yang

She is a second-year Computer Science System Ph.D. student advised by Andrew Quinn. Her main focus is the reliability and speed of new systems like CXL based on the observability of kernel and outer devices. Here's her current research topic

* Understanding the performance characteristics of CXL.mem systems eBPF.
* Resolving RPC/GPU memory offloading latency in the message-passing protocol using CXL.cache.
* WebAssembly Live migration across CXL.mem pools/ distributed filesystems/ network proxy to heterogeneous devices.

Publications since 2020-07-23

Collaborators since 2020-07-23

Ahmed Khan, Tanvir 03/26/2023   Link
Ma, Jiacheng 03/26/2023   Link
Quinn, Andrew 03/26/2023   Link
Safayenikoo, Pooneh 03/26/2023   Link
Yang, Yiwei 03/26/2023   Link
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