Analysis of Workload Behavior in Scientific and Historical Long-Term Data Repositories

Published as Storage Systems Research Center Technical Report UCSC-SSRC-11-01.


The scope of archival systems is expanding beyond cheap tertiary storage: scientific and medical data is increasingly digital, and the public has a growing desire to digitally record their personal histories. Driven by the increased cost efficiency of hard drives compared to tape, and the rise of the Internet, content archives have become a means of providing the public with fast, cheap access to long-term data. Unfortunately, designers of purpose-built archival systems are either forced to rely on workload behavior obtained from a narrow, anachronistic view of archives as simply cheap tertiary storage, or extrapolate from marginally related enterprise workload data and traditional library access patterns. To provide relevant input for the design of effective long-term data storage systems, we examined the workload behavior of several scientific and historical archives, covering a mixture of purposes, media types, and access models. Our findings show that, for scientific archival storage, files have become larger, but update rates have remained largely unchanged. However, in public content archives, we observed behavior that diverges from the traditional “write-once, read-maybe” behavior of tertiary storage. Our study shows that the majority of such data is modified relatively frequently, and that indexing services such as Google and internal data management processes may routinely access large portions of an archive, accounting for most of the accesses. Based on these observations, we identify areas for improving the efficiency and performance of archival storage systems.

Publication date:
March 2011

Ian Adams
Ethan L. Miller
Mark W. Storer

Archival Storage
Tracing and Benchmarking

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