Center for Research in Storage Systems
Storage Systems Research Center
Spring 2016 Meeting Agenda

11–12 May 2016
University of California, Santa Cruz

Wednesday's sessions will be held in the Simularium (E2-180), and Thursday's sessions will be in E2-506 in the Engineering 2 Building on the UC Santa Cruz campus.

NOTE: Guests must sign an NDA to attend the IAB meeting on the second day. [Register Here] [Travel Info]

NOTE: CRSS sponsors may access abstracts and presentations anytime, guests can view them on-campus from the domain. Access to presentations is only available to CRSS sponsors who can obtain username/password from Cynthia McCarley.

Wednesday, May 11th

9:00–9:20 Welcome and Introductions (Ethan Miller)
  • Introduction of attendees & review of agenda [slides]
  • Review of the NVRAM Systems Architecture Meeting on Feb 05th 2016 (Ethan Miller, 15 min)
9:20–10:30 Session 1 (Chair: Jishen Zhao)
  • Memory Persistence: Hardware-Driven Logging for Persistent Memory Systems (Matheus Ogleari, 30 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Memory Chacterization: Characterization of applications on persistent memory (Naga Venkata Sai Indubhaskar Jupudi, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Memory Storage: Using Memory-style Storage to Support Fault Tolerance in Data Centers (Xiao Liu, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
10:30–10:50 Break
10:50–12:15 Session 2 (Chair: Darrell Long)
  • ASCAR: Update on ASCAR/Pilot, the Benchmark and Tuning Framework (Yan Li, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Workloads: Identifying similarity between workloads in the HPC world (Kamala Ramasubramanian, 15 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Benchmarking: Benchmarking Storage Systems using Realistic Content Distributions (Rahul Talari, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Data Placement: A Practical Approach to System Optimization (Christina Strong, 30 min) [abstract / slides]
12:15–1:20 Lunch
1:20–3:00 Session 3 (Chair: Ethan Miller)
  • ORAM: Obfuscating access patterns for encrypted RAM (Ana McTaggart, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Data Entanglement: Benefits and Limitations of an Entangled Storage (Vero Estrada, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Archival Storage Security: Efficient Reconstruction Methods to Prevent Data Loss in a Secret-Split Datastore
    (Joel Frank and Sinjoni Mukhopadhyay, 30 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Archival: Economic-Modeling of Long-Term Data (Avani Wildani, 30 min) [abstract / slides]
3:00–3:20 Break
3:20–4:35 Session 4 (Chair: Peter Alvaro)
  • Gferasure: High Performance Galois Field Arithmetic Library (Lincoln Thurlow, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Locking: Lock Free Data Structures (Daniel Bittman, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Genomic Data: The Genome Data Engine (Nicholas Hill, Justin Bates, 20 min) [abstract / slides]
  • Reliability: Lineage Driven Fault Injection (Kamala Ramasubramanian, 15 min) [abstract / slides]
4:35–5:30 Poster Session
5:30–7:30 Dinner (Engineering Courtyard)

Thursday, May 12th

9:00–1:00 Closed IAB meeting: agenda only available to CRSS sponsors
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