Center for Research in Storage Systems
Storage Systems Research Center
Fall 2014 Meeting Agenda

November 5–6
University of California, Santa Cruz

The meeting will be held in the Engineering 2 Building on the UC Santa Cruz campus. Wednesday's sessions will be held in the Simularium (E2-180), and Thursday's sessions will be in E2-506.

NOTE: Guests (non-CRSS members) must sign an NDA to attend the meeting.

Wednesday, November 5th

9:00–9:30 Welcome and Introductions (Ethan Miller) [slides]
  • Introduction of attendees
  • Review of agenda
  • Recruiting good students into CRSS
9:30–9:45 Changes in Data Storage (Andy Hospodor) [slides]
9:45–10:00 LIFE Forms, Evaluation Findings (Brian McKean, IAB Chair) [slides] Password: available here
10:00–10:15 Coffee Break
10:15–10:30 Senior Design Projects (Frank Howley) [slides]
10:30–12:30 Project Presentations (CRSS Researchers)
  • New Storage Technology: Shingled Write Disk (Rekha Pitchumani, Stephanie Jones, Andy Hospodor, Ahmed Amer, Ethan Miller, Darrell Long) [slides-11] [slides-2]
  • Genomic Storage: Genomic Data Compression/Deduplication (UC-Share, Ignacio Corderi, Andy Hospodor, Darrell Long) [slides]
  • Archival Storage: Economic Modeling (Preeti Gupta, Darrell Long, Ethan Miller) [slides]
  • Archival Storage: Secure & Searchable Storage with Percival (Joel Frank, Shayna Frank, Ethan Miller, Darrell Long) [slides]
  • Exascale Storage: Scalable Shared-Nothing QoS for HPC Storage (Yan Li, Xiaoyuan Lu, Ethan Miller, Darrell Long, Andy Hospodor) [slides]
  • Metadata: HyFS: A Hybrid File System (Michael McThrow, Ethan Miller, Darrell Long) [slides]
12:30–1:30 Lunch
1:30–3:15 Project Proposals (CRSS Researchers)
  • ExaScale Storage: IntelliPilot (Yan Li, Darrell Long, Ethan Miller) [slides]
  • New Storage Tech: Erasure Codes for Non-Volatile Memories (Ethan Miller, SanDisk) [slides]
  • Exascale Storage & Archival Storage: Recompute to reduce storage demands (Ethan Miller, Symantec, Intel, San Diego Supercomputer Center) [slides]
  • New Storage Tech: Re-architecting systems stack for NVRAM (Ethan Miller) [slides]
3:15–3:30 Coffee Break
3:30–4:30 Discussion & ratification of by-laws (Brian McKean, IAB Chair)
5:30–8:00 Dinner, Cafe Lucio, 381 Soquel Avenue (at Ocean Street), Santa Cruz

Thursday, November 6th

9:00–9:30 CRSS Center Q&A, Financial Overview (Ethan Miller) [slides]
9:30–10:30 Discussion of Current Projects and LIFE Voting (IAB, David Meyer)
10:30–10:45 Coffee Break
10:45–11:45 Discussion of Proposed Projects and LIFE Voting (IAB, David Meyer)
11:45–12:30 Vote on by-laws (IAB)
Discussion of recruiting students into CRSS
Discussion of recruiting systems faculty into CRSS
12:30–1:00 Box lunch & feedback to Center Director
1:00 Meeting adjourned
4:00–7:00 [Optional] Engineering recruiting event (exclusively for CRSS members)

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